OSS Notes Implementation

OSS Notes are the means by which SAP updates/upgrades programs/functionalities and even fixes bugs. If you are facing some problem in standard code, first stop should be to search for any relevant OSS Notes in market place.

OSS notes can be implemented using TCODE SNOTEsnote

The first step would be to download the relevant OSS note. select Goto >> Download SAP note.


Enter the note number. And execute. The note will be downloaded. Now search for that note using search function.

Double click to open the OSS Note. To Implement the OSS note select SAP Note Display >> Implement SAP Note. Before implementation of OSS Note its very important to see whether the OSS note is relevant for the SAP release and to check its pre – requisites.


To undo the implementation open the OSS Note and select SAP Note DIsplay >> Reset SAP note implementation.