How to find/search for proper BADI

BADI stands for Business ADd-Ins. They are just an object-oriented extension of the SAP enhancement technique. They are hooks / extensions provided by SAP to enhance the functionality of standard programs according to our custom requirements.

The first step in implementing a BADI is to find a proper BADI suited for our requirement.

There are many ways of finding / searching BADI's. But the best method is the break point method.

Break Point Method: Go to SE24.(Class Builder). Open up the class CL_EXITHANDLER.

Add a session break point on GET_INSTANCE method of the class.
GET_INSTANCE method debugging point set
GET_INSTANCE method debugging point set

Now run the transaction normally which you want to enhance. The break-point will stop wherever BADI is called in.

Note down the name of variable exit_name. These are nothing but BADI name's.
BADI Names
BADI Name's
In the upcoming articles , we will explore how you can implement a BADI.