Enhancement Frameworks in SAP

In the previous article , we learnt about various kind of enhancements provided by SAP. One of them is Enhancement Frameworks.

There are 2 types of Enhancement Frameworks provided by SAP :

  1. Implicit Enhancements
  2. Explicit Enhancements

Implicit Enhancements

Click  on any SAP standard program and you can see explicit and implicit enhancements

To see Implicit Enhancements Goto >> Enhancement Operations >> Show Implicit Enhancements Options.

Show Implicit Enhancements Options
Show Implicit Enhancements Options
Implicit enhancement points will have a black arrow pointed towards a line of full comments (").
Implicit Enhancement points
Implicit Enhancement points
To create a new Implicit Enhancement implementation , Move cursor on these Implicit enhancement points; Right click and select  Enhancement Implementation >> create . 

Create Implicit Enhancements
Create Implicit Enhancements
Follow the same procedure for editing or deleting the already applied enhancement implementations.

Implicit enhancements are available at

1. Start of FORM, End of FORM
2. End of all the programs (Includes, Reports, Function pool, Module pool, etc.), after the last statement
3. At the end of all Function Modules
4. At the end of all visibility areas (public, protected and private) of local class

Explicit Enhancements:

There are 2 types of Explicit Enhancements :

a) Enhancement Points: Many implementation of enhancements point can exist. All will be executed but no guarantee of order. 

To create/edit/delete Enhancement Points implementations , Follow the same steps of creating a Implicit enhancement implementation as explained above.

Explicit Enhancement Points
Explicit Enhancement Points

b) Enhancement Sections: There can be only one active implementation of an Enhancement-Section.When the Enhancement-Section is implemented, only the implementation gets executed and the original code doesn't get executed. This can be used to exclude any standard SAP code from execution and hence its quite dangerous.