Display Exceptions in ALV grid/List

In the last tutorial we learned how we can display the ICONS/ Traffic lights in ALV Grid display.
There is another way to display the traffic lights / exceptions .

Exceptions display in ALV list
Exceptions display in ALV list
Exceptions display in ALV Grid
Here we are using the same status field of final internal table which can holds 3 values (1=> Means read , 2=> Means Yellow , 3 => Means Green )

Just populate the field values accordingly based on exceptions.

Now we need to inform ALV grid/list function that we are using status field as exception field.
This can be done via ls-catalog . Make sure you mention the field name as capitals.

it_layout-lights_fieldname = 'STATUS'

Please note : You cannot change the column position/ column name of exception. Exceptions will always come in 1st Column.