Selection Screen Elements - 1

Selection screen is where user enters the input and thus this has high impact and visibility to user.
We will cover all selection screen elements used.


Parameters in SAP ABAP
Parameters in SAP ABAP
Parameter will hold a single input value at a time. We just need to specify the type of user input value. By default if no type is specified, it will take it as single character.


PARAMETERS: p_matnr TYPE mara-matnr.

The name of the parameter may contain a maximum of eight characters. By default the parameter display name in selection screen is same as parameter name. To change this Goto >> Text Elements >> Selection text and write appropriate text for that parameter.

Selection Texts
Selection Texts

We can make this field mandatory for user input by mentioning obligatory.


We can assign explicit search help to the filed by using MATCHCODE OBJECT  followed by search help name.


Now when you press F4 on this field , search help ZAU_HELP will be used to get the possible values.

In case of dynamic modification of screen we can use , MODIF ID followed by modification group name (Up to 3  characters).


To understand how dynamic screen modification works refer

We can hide the parameter field by using NO-DISPLAY.

PARAMETERS: p_matnr TYPE mara-matnrNO-DISPLAY.

The field will not be visible unless it is made visible (may be during dynamic screen modification process)

Visible length: As the name reveals it will cut short or lengthen the field length when displayed in selection screen. Please note that the actual length of the parameter variable remains unaffected and only the Visible length is altered.

PARAMETERS : p_matnr TYPE mara-matnr VISIBLE LENGTH 2.

You can assign default values to the parameter field by using default. The value will be assigned and user can change the value or can leave it unaltered.

PARAMETERS : param_1 TYPE string DEFAULT 'This is a default value'.

LOWER CASE addition will make the user input case sensitive. SAP internally will convert all characters into Uppercase no matter in which case the input was made. To prevent this one can use LOWER CASE which will retain the character case of the input made by the user.

PARAMETERS : param_1 TYPE string DEFAULT ‘SAP is good’ LOWER CASE.

Without lowercase addition param_1 will store this as ‘SAP IS GOOD’.

Memory id: We can get the value for the field from memory id. We will cover memory id concept in separate article

PARAMETERS: param_2 TYPE mara-matnr MEMORY ID MAT.

User command: Majorly used in dynamic screen modification where we assign a checkbox or radio button. Can also be used in listbox. User-command is used

PARAMETERS: param_2 TYPE mara-matnr USER-COMMAND test.

Radio button:

We can create radio buttons using parameters in SAP ABAP by using RADIOBUTTON GROUP. At least 2 radio buttons should be present in one radio button group.


Here radio2 is selected by default user can change it to radio3 and when he does that radio3 will have value ‘X’.


We can create check box using parameters by using AS CHECKBOX.


We can make this checkbox checked by default by assigning ‘X’ as default value