Domains in SAP [Part 2]

All about domains - Part 2

Sign: It can be only used for DEC, FLTP, QUAN and CURR data types.
It refers whether negative number can exist in that domain and it will have a sign in the left side.

Lowercase Domain
Lowercase Domain

Lowercase: By default SAP stores all characters in capitals irrespective of user input. If you want to save the data in the format / way specified by user having a mix of uppercase and lowercase.
Ex: without lower case, if I save ‘AdITHYA’ , it will be stored as ‘ADITHYA’ ; With Lower Case ticked, it will be stored as ‘AdITHYA’.

Now , we will move to FIXED values

Fixed Values in Domain
Fixed Values in Domain

You can give a single value range or Intervals range

The user input should be within this range only; i.e either ( 01, 02,03 ) or from 05-10. Any other entries will not be allowed to save in database. These will also come under F4 help in selection screen of elements.

We can also specify a value table for this instead of ranges. Only those entries present in that table will be allowed.