Dynamic Screen Modification

Dynamic screen modification is where based on user selection , certain changes are made on the screen elements. There are many changes possible but the most commonly used is activation and deactivation of that screen element.
To dynamically display or hide a screen element , follow this procedure.

1. Declare a checkbox or radio button which can be used to hide/unhide the screen element.
2. Always add User-command to that checkbox or radio button other wise dynamic screen modification is not possible.
3. Club the elements you want to display or hide by using modif id
4. At selection screen output , loop at screen and check the value of checkbox .
5. Deactivate all screen group elements by modif id by using screen-active =0 for that group.
6. Use modify screen before the loop to modify.

This program will give you example of the above points

Now the checkbox is used to hide/unhide screen elements of same modif id dynamically. Easy isn't it ? :)

Like this there are many other screen options that can be used like
        SCREEN-INPUT = '0'.
which will disable the input on that screen element.